About Us

The Clark Entrepreneurs is a Student Program under the Clark College ASCC in Vancouver, WA founded in 2016 after several iterations. Several students with business majors wanted to be inclusive of other academic departments, so instead of an exclusive Business Club, it evolved into the Entrepreneur Club welcoming every student with an interest in starting a business.

Our Purpose:
To encourage and support students with their entrepreneurial ideas and expose them to the resources to help grow ideas, support real student business ventures and scale businesses.

Program Director- Nathan Webster
Event Director- (student worker)

We SERVE three types of students:
#1 – the student eager to learn more about entrepreneurship.
#2 – the student is looking for a specific resource(s) before delving in deeper.
#3 – the student has an established business and looking to scale.

Without the leadership and countless hours our past Student Leader Presidents, Kerry Blake and Heather Leasure, we wouldn’t be able to serve our students in this capacity.

Our Goals

  1. Showcase 24 student business during the Pitch Fest in Fall 2019.
  2. Serve at least 100 students during our Entrepreneur Day in Winter 2020.
  3. Share resources to at least 200 students during our Entrepreneur Fair in Spring 2020.

Entrepreneur Day

A day focused to highlight the lives and stories of businesses started and ran by local business owners. We have an agenda and program. No cost to attend. This event is held every February at Clark College.

Entrepreneur Fair

This is our opportunity to bring in community businesses to offer resources in an open environment. There is no program or focused agenda. No cost to attend. Event is held at Clark College.